Private Lessons

Private lessons are optional. For all students, private lessons can be a great asset to their artistic and performance ability. Private lessons are highly recommended for any student who wishes to make faster progress and gain more enjoyment from the arts.
A student who desires to participate in the private lesson program must complete the online registration form, or by filling out the form available from any band director. Parents should make themselves aware of the district program guidelines on this page.
Lesson Times and Location
Upon completion of the online registration form, students will be assigned a private lesson instructor. Private lessons will occur at the campus the student attends unless specified otherwise.
Please note:
  • The private lesson instructor or your student’s teacher will schedule lessons with students who register for the program
  • The day to which a student is assigned depends upon the availability of the private lesson instructor.
  • Lessons usually occur weekly.
Student’s Responsibility to the Private Lesson Instructor
  • Prepare for each lesson. Practice at least 20 minutes per day on their lesson assignment.
  • Be warmed-up properly before the lesson begins
  • Record the private lesson instructor’s contact information (email/phone number).
  • Follow the attendance policy.
  • Supply materials required by instructor. (The materials are typically low cost and are the responsibility of the student. Such materials may include method books, specialized supplies, solos, etc.)
Private Lesson Instructor’s Responsibility to the Student
  • Provide student a quality private lesson which contributes positively to the development and continual improvement of the student as a musician, performer, or artist.
  • Instill an appreciation for the arts
  • Exhibit professional characteristics and demeanor in attitude, appearance, behavior and responsibility in every activity germane to private lesson instruction.
  • Provide students with contact information (email & cell phone #)
Financial Considerations
  • Payment is to be made directly from the student to the private lesson instructor.
  • Payment schedules and payment policies will be established by each private lesson instructor and communicated to the students/parents they teach.
  • Payments are to be made on the due date set by the private lesson instructors.
  • Checks are to be made payable to the individual private lesson instructors.
  • Lesson fees may range from $15-25 per half hour lesson (dependent on completed degree and experience in teaching). Instructors will cover this information with parents.
If, for any reason the necessity for an absence occurs, the private lesson instructor must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the time of the lesson. This is so the private lesson instructor has an opportunity to adjust his/her schedule. This is the Private Lesson Instructor’s livelihood. Every effort should be made to respect their time schedule and to provide communication of expected or unexpected absences (emergency) as early as possible. Failure to notify the private lesson instructor promptly may result in failure to rearrange the schedule and full payment for the lesson may be due. This is the reason to record the private lesson instructor’s phone number and contact information. Please do not call the band/choir directors to leave messages for the instructors. It is the student or parent’s responsibility to make direct contact with the instructor 24 hours in advance in order to avoid being charged! Emergency excuses are at the discretion of the private lesson instructor.

Excused Absences:
  • Student illness and emergencies of a serious nature (death or serious family illness)
  • Other absences approved by the private lesson instructor in advance
Students who are late to the scheduled lesson will only receive the remaining time allotted to him/her and will be charged for a full scheduled lesson.
Lesson Termination / Dropping
A private lesson instructor may drop a student for the following reasons:
  • *Failure to pay private lesson fees.
  • *Frequent unexcused absences.
  • *Other contributing factors as discussed by Instructor and campus director

Parents may terminate private lessons at the end of the month with advance notice to the Private Lesson Instructor and campus director. The final lesson date should be discussed with the Instructors to accommodate for payments received.

Written Notice Required:
Termination of lessons by the parent, private lesson instructor, or school program director will be accomplished by written notice only (email is acceptable). A 24 hour notice must be provided before the last lesson or payment may be expected.
*To enroll in private lessons please click the link below.
*Questions concerning assignment of private lesson instructors should be directed to Ms. Thibodeaux ( [email protected]) at Channelview High School.
*Questions concerning lesson dates and times, or number of lessons taught, should be directed to your student’s private lesson instructor.

Link to Private Lesson Form